First up this week is the All Is Bright Stila Lipglaze set. At £18.50 I think it is very good value for a set of eight minis – if you have lots of friends to buy Christmas presents for, I’d think about breaking up the set to pop one with some lovely Christmassy sweets into an individual bag – times that by eight and that’s quite a lot of gifts taken care of! It’s HERE

I’m a huge fan of nude lip gloss and this new one from Becca is perfection. Called Fallen Angel, I wore it yesterday and it’s a great formula that makes your lips look smoother somehow (an essential for nude shades) and isn’t at all sticky. 

I love it (but not sure on the very sweet smell – if they’d remove that, it would be my ultimate nude). It’s £15  HERE

If you are still to get your hands on some Aerin products, still on a nude theme here, this gorgeous little gloss is more affordable than most of the range at £22. It’s a beautiful shade – Kiss – and there is also an even more nude shade called (unimaginatively!) Nude. Find it HERE